April 22, 2005

The "pessimistic" approach

Pessimism, strangely enough, has been very widely used as a "tool" to attack situations.
What I mean is the following:
(true incidents) A close friend of mine had a habit of cribbing/crying about how bad his exam had gone (irrespective of whether it really had gone that bad or not) and would make us all feel that we had done much better than him. And then when the marks would come he would score pretty decently and it would give him more joy than anyone else who had got the same marks.
This is coz his expectations were so low that the decent score itself bcame quite a boost to him considering how low his hopes were.
I know a few of u might find this silly but I bet a few of u have met such ppl once or twice in ur life.
The important thing is that sometimes these ppl end up doing much better than they could. This is coz they maintain a low profile of themselves and blame themselves for not doing well in the exams (again,irrespective of whether they really have spoilt their exam or not) and put in further efforts to improve.
That's y I call this as a "tool" of attack.
Well, I was like this once, so I know how it feels.
It really did work but then I thought it wasn't right coz u weren't living in the right manner nor were u respecting ur capabilities. U tend to get confined in some ways. That's y I dropped this approach very soon.
But I still c ppl continuing to use this approach almost thruout their lives !!
Now, the point is, could it be true that pessimism can actually work for u !!
There are other ways to look at this issue.
Remember the time when u were hoping with all ur heart for a day off or hoping that the professor would leave u early and it would almost never happen.
This is the converse of the topic in question.
What happens here is that u wish for something with all ur heart and it doesn't happen.
But if u try the same thing again but this time by "accepting that there is no way ur wish can be fulfilled" , well it just might happen !!
This is the crux of the topic, which in some sense that I wanted to convey.
Well, endsems round the corner, so I better atleast pretend not to be on my PC for a long time :)


Anonymous Anubhav said...

Well we all friend know who it is....
I totally agree with u that this work sometimes......but dont u think that this approach creates some sort of burden on the person...

12:48 AM  
Blogger anshul said...

well anubhav bhai,
:)) i m not talkin bout the person u r thinking.
actually u don't know him.
but yes,it definitely does create a sort of burden.
it kind of "confines" ur life and u tend to bcome more "serious" and don't really see life fully.
that's y i stopped being like this very soon. It was becoming "too gray".

12:51 AM  

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