April 23, 2005

The "Input" approach

This is an approach that generally a very mature person or a very cautious person would tell you to follow. Mostly, parents and caring friends would advice you for such an approach. I will try and put it mathematically (just to add humour and basically coz I have been studying a lot of Logic lately and doesn't make too much sense)
Say i stands for the scenario where an input I is required. Example: I could be hard work and i could be a particular exam, say physics mid-term exam. What this approach says is this:

If INPUT = I , then

1. good result in i or
2. bad/average result in i but good result in some other j such that
INPUT for j is not adequate to produce a good result.

Confused. You should be,coz even I can't make much sense out of it :)) Here's the literal version: When you are faced with a task (i in this case), then just put in your best effort (I in this case) and don't bother about the result. Just bother about ur input. Leave the output/result to itself. If it has to happen, it will else you will be rewarded in some other way. This is generally told to a person when he is feeling down but then, this is quite a good approach and helps you out a lot. My dad says this to me very often, whether or not I'm down. I do follow it to some extent.
But it does require you to have some "faith" in any form or the other (No, I'm not trying to be philosophical).
You know, posting comments isn't a bad thing nor does it take a lot of time.

So, cmon, put in some INPUT, who knows, maybe you will get rewarded in some way or the other ;)


Anonymous ansari said...

> You know, posting comments isn't a bad
> thing nor does it take a lot of time.

Ha! I could say the same to you!! ;)

10:34 AM  
Anonymous anubhav said...

yah my friend that what has made u so succesful...keep it up

3:00 PM  
Anonymous anubhav said...

although the thing is philosphical to many but not to all....thats whats the way of success...sometimes i also feel that way but i am not able to give my best always....any way to improve upon that...any suggestions from ur side

3:06 PM  
Blogger anshul said...

well anubhav, gimme some time to think.
one way wu be to climb gradually. wat is ur "best" is something which only u know. but maybe u r setting a goal too high at a very early stage itself. maybe u cud climb stepwise, i.e. going higher and higher gradually.
Well,actually,the main thing is, acads isn't everything, and i think u know that too by now. so i mean if u r bothered abt not giving ur best to acads,its ok i guess. if u can give a decent shot and yet do well (like u r) that shud b good enuf. u can do other things like projects like u r doing rite now. i don't c any problem there.

11:49 PM  

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