April 23, 2005

The lost city of .... Hyderabad ??

For those who do not know, I am from Hyderabad (born and brought up there, though not a localite).

Now, I am referring to the "feel" of Hyderabad when I say "lost city".
I know many of u out there have really deep sentiments for the city (like I did once and maybe still do) so I am gonna try and make this post as harmless as possible.

The thing is, sure Hyd has gone modern and fundoo vth all the hot malls and the eateries and the posh software buildings and theatres and stuff, but the youth hasn't actually seen the repercussions of this growth. There has been a "culture-contamination" which atleast to me, was quite obvious and sure wasn't a welcome change.

Go on a weekday afternoon to Prasads (the new multiplex at Hyd) and u'll see hordes of school kids and college guys and gals dressed in the most crazy clothes and still vth bags on their shoulders (girls somehow didn't have bags with them. mostly guys had their bags on. Looks like girls don't mind bunking coll and tellin that at home ;) ).
I can't help but wonder as to whether the parents of these next-gen ppl even know bout their bunking activites. Sure, its a stupid question coz obviously they do not.
Come to think of it, it really is a contamination of the purity of the place.

Spend some time there and u'll see almost all shades of glasses, all heights of heel, all possible hair-to-gel ratios (I know, that's a new term ;) ) and maybe all possible colours on the head (ya,on the hair) and of course, all possible bike-remodellings available.
Not that its sooooo bad but yes, it isn't all that cool either. Smoking around vth friends just coz ppl all around u feel its cool, bunking coll and school and wastin ur resources. I don't think that's a very pretty thing to do.

The thing is, u can't just accept anything in the name of modernisation. U need to think too.
Its the youth that needs to understand wats right and wats wrong and amazingly, the youth never do get anything right at the first go (yeah,that's my sarcasm speaking,infact,shouting).

Look at the dressing sense of these ppl and u'll know wat I am talkin bout. One thing is for sure, modernisation has had its share of ups too vth all the increasing employment and the fundoo technology making its way into India.
But culture preservation is an important thing too. Do things that u are casual and safe with. There's no use trying to be cool by just copying things and doing stuff that makes ppl turn around and look at u.
Infact, I never did understand the fascination with show-off. It still puzzles me. I mean, wats the use of just portraying an image that isn't really urs.

Hyd still rocks, no doubt. But I do feel uncomfartable or rather un-Hyderabadish when I visit home. The place has changed, very quickly. Ppl waste a lot of cash on stupid stuff and do really stupid things too.
One very stupid thing they do is bike-zooming. Take their bike on the road with no helmet and absolutely no legal papers whatsoever and zoom off at top speed on the busiest of roads with the funkiest shades and so much hair-gel that under the sun, their hair does a better job than a headlight would do :))
And the worst thing is they eventually crash up somewhere. But I am not very worried about that. Its when they crash into someone that I am more worried about. And the bike companies just keep on increasing their top-speed and acceleration limits. Its a vicious circle kinda thing.

Well, enuf of sarcasm for today I guess.


Anonymous ansari said...

u echo my sentiments exactly...i would've concentrated on the same points if i'd written this :)

the thing is, this has _already_ happened in the other cities of india. it's simply inevitable that this culture would announce itself in hyderabad.
there's nothing u can do about it...there's a certain age where one is only concerned with what his _image_ to the outside world is, and not what he really is. i guess some ppl realize early on that it's what they _are_ that counts more, even if other ppl can't see it. but with this culture and all giving such a feel-good factor to the show-off part, ppl dont graduate as easily to the more mature way of thinking.

u presented the problem nicely. ideas for solution? :P

dude..r u that lukkha? dont got no endsems kya?

3:20 AM  

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