April 25, 2005

More on Evolution - The "Human" factor.

The last post did have decent replies and I am compelled to write more on that.
I will talk a little about Genetic Algorithms (GA) for those who do not know abt it.
GA is an approximation tool that tries to generate solutions to a given set of equations by imitating nature. That is, by using things like crossover, mutations etc. (This is a very simplified version of what GA is supposed to do).

Now, the thing with GA's is that it is "theoretically" so great that it should be able to give u solutions that need no further refinements and should give u an efficiency of almost 99% in any field. But it isn't so. This is becoz finally its we, humans that are designing the algo and hence it isn't nature that is doing this work. U c there is a lot of junk going on here.
Since humans aren't nature themselves, we can't create the GA's with the precision that theory states. Therefore, the inefficiency.
Also, GA's give more than one solution, hence u have a set of solutions.
This is where I am gonna begin my post.
I somehow believe that we (humans) are all like a particular solution of a GA that God is running on his divine PC (or maybe a laptop or the new fundoo mobile PC's and what not, well, assuming God has got such things up there :) ) with the world and nature as the constraints of the system in which we are solutions.
And therefore, I believe there have to b more solutions in the universe apart from us. That is, there have to be other lifeforms, (may or may not be more advanced than us) that have also stood the challenge of time (assuming that we humans have) and are still evolving.
Since we consider nature as the acme of everything, I believe the evolution will end when finally all lifeforms, by their independent evolution merge to one final single form. That is when all possible solutions converge to one single solution. That, I believe will be the end of the program that God is running on his PC and that will also be the end of the universe.
Phew, that was heavy. But I strongly believe this could be possible.
Only thing is we will never know what is happening with us coz we are the system and by a very famous "incompleteness theorem" by the famous Godel (mathematician who shook mathematics with his theorems) we can kinda say that being within the system, we can never achieve 100% efficeincy. There, that's the end of all human efforts. We can never make it to a 100%.
Its an amazing theorem, u might want to search for it on Google. Don't go thru its mathematics. Go thru its consequences and its meaning.
and for ppl out there who are wondering as to how i find so much time to blog considering that my end sems are on, well, one can always and should always find time to break out from studies. This is how I break out :)

Au revoir.


Blogger Vinod Khare said...

It is unfortunate that I don't have the time to go deeper into this now. Wait till the endsems are over. I'll post a nice comment about this. In the meantime, in your next break you can read my story - Contemplations on a Liesurely Evening - it toys with the idea of evolving programs. Look it up on my home page.

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