July 01, 2005

The Pianist

I know I have been seeing a lot of films lately but its as good as it lasts :)

The Pianist is a classic. No doubt it got all those accolades. The story is touching. It follows the life of a pianist (Brody) who lives in Poland and comes under attack along with his family for being a Jew during the 2nd WW. And this guy is no brave fighter who takes on all Germans single-handedly. Infact, the movie is not about his fight, its about his survival. The way he survives looks so very real, so hard-hitting. He goes through all sorts of things, running and hiding for months at a stretch. Lots of angles of war shown here, but the movie basically revolves around the pianist, someine who just couldn't ever part from himself. It shows that war can take away most things from you, but not everything. Even though this guy was practically down dead lucky to have survived, he never lost his passion for the piano, his hands moving in rhythm everytime he hears a tune, though he might be totaly famished and hiding in some cellar or behind boulders. The soul of the film is very strong. It leaves something on you. The movie is all about the 1939-1945 period and shows the German oppresion of Poland. Its a shcoker no doubt.
Leaves you bleeding from the heart.

Brody was superb, very natural. He held his own throughout the movie and never loses his class.
Sad movie, no doubt, but class.


Anonymous thedarklord said...

spend some time on your proj also....ya ...pianist is defly a gud one..totally with u

7:36 AM  

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