July 01, 2005

Sin City

Just short of a perfect 10. This movie has all it takes to become the best barring the gruesome scenes and the brutality. Both these were essential to the film but they might not find appreciation with everyone. Clearly, not everyone's gonna digest this film, but those who can stand it, wil surely be happy that they watched the film. It's a huge one.

The movie is all about crime, bad people, murders, hitmen etc etc. That's the reason I feel most ppl won't digest the movie.
The movie is made in only 4 colors if I am right - black, white ( surely the gray shades are a part of B & W ), red and yellow. The way the movie is shot is nothing short of spell-binding. Excellent work. Every scene in the movie seems to be a comic-book snip. The movie is itself based on a comic book by the same name.

So, what makes it so big ?
You should ask what DOES NOT make it that big.
It's got Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke (this guy literally steals the show), Clive Owens (well, I never liked him much before this movie), Benicio Del Toro (My personal fav, but he lost out to Rourke becoz of his role), Jessica Alba (doing not much) and many more. The names don't matter. Its the characters that steal your heart. Superb characters, and each actor was like born that way. Mickey Rourke basically takes it all away, superb work. It was good to see this man back, doing what he does best. Act.

Every scene in the movie is so well worked on that you can't stop wondering as to how many ppl were used to make something so magnificient. The story is all fiction and all comic-book like. But that doesn't change anything. It is a raw film, quite gruesome, but if you miss this one, you are gonna miss a huge film of 2005.

Watch it for the cast and the characters. This is one movie you better not punish yourself to miss.


Anonymous thedarklord said...

thts a pretty gud review..man! u r watchin(reviewing) a lot these days.il definitely make it a point to get a gud print of this movie

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