June 05, 2005

The Bonesetter's Daughters

Yes, this is another book review !!
Actually, for one, I have been a lot into books for the past one month and two, I discovered that its really tough to do a book review. I mean, there's so much u wanna say but its tough to put it down into words without making sure u don't boil down the essence of the book.

This book by Amy Tan is a very unique one. Its theme was the relationship that existed between three generations of women, all belonging to the family of a Bonestter.
I must say that tho I haven't read a lot of books but a book totally devoted to a relationship was something very unique and offbeat.
The book totally focusses on the relationship between a mother and her daughter (the relation that u think exists and the one, that was underlying and which slowly gets revealed) and between the mother and the grandmother (told very well through the mother's diary). Some very strange techniques like using a diary to tell half the story etc were employed quite successfully in the book.
It took me around 7 hrs (that must b my personal best, considering that I haven't done more that 7 novels yet) to finish this one off for the simple reason that it was so elegantly and simply written. Very well chosen words and some real neat descriptions make this one a very easy read.
The beauty and grace with which the author carries off the tender situations and the revealing of the relations is awesome. Very neat indeed. Its more like u wud really like to meet the characters in the story and wanna talk vth them.

A superb book, very very well written.


Anonymous TheDarkLord said...

nvr heard of this one da.....shud try gettin this...seems like a gud one...

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