June 14, 2005

Common Sense vs IQ

What actually matters ? CS (common sense) or IQ. I was having this discussion with a friend of mine and we didn't seem to come to any solid conclusion.

Studies reveal that the average IQ of human beings has been on the rise. Well, I would say that's a fact but what about CS ?
Well, CS is supposed to be something that every human being MUST know. It is supposed to be common. I remember a prof of mine saying this "CS is the most uncommon thing". Well, I do agree with him.
Things as stupid as cigarettes, drinks, drugs etc find their way into the homes of almost every neighborhood. Is it that dangerous ?? Of course it is.

Crime and crap have been on the rise in the recent years on a very exponential state. With all terrorists and anti-social elements invading Mother Earth, there is hardly a place u can call safe anymore.
Am I exaggerating ?? I know I am. But then, don't we all need to civilize up a bit.

There are other things that might say that CS is on its way down.
But, what has this got to do with IQ ??
Well, here's ver a theory of mine comes in.
The EQUILIBRIUM theory. Very easily extendable to all spheres of life.

If we begin vth the assumption that IQ has been steadily increasing, lets try to reason out the causes. Simple actually. The world is becoming more and more comples and competitive and in this race for survival, the Evolution theory says that we will develop our intellect (I know I shudn't be using the Evolution concepts here, but they seem to fit in well, infact, all too well) and hence our IQ is rising. But at what cost. There has to be a cost somewhere.
This is ver CS comes in. How does Evolution allow CS to die down. Well, just because ppl no more care that much about values and the little things that make up life. Its only money and fame. We don't seem to be needing CS anymore. As though we are beyond it.
So, what my theory says is that at the cost of CS, we are gaining IQ.
So, what happens next ?
Well, either this continues till CS bcomes extinct OR we realize that its CS that matters and hence force the evolutionary cycle back to up CS at the cost of IQ.
Does that make any sense ? I dunno, but it seems plausible. Outrageous, but plausible.
Think abt it.


Blogger ansari said...

I agree completely with your observation of the accelerating changes in today's world. But you're semantically wrong in calling it a battle between IQ and CS. IQ is indeed one end of the see-saw, but the other end is not so easily definable. I'd put it like this: We are growing more and more intelligent...we have grown so arrogant so as to think we know what's best for ourselves. We ditch the niceties, and behave rashly all the time, because everything finally boils down to 'will this benefit me?' People have become selfish...each fellow for his own. I dunno what to call it...all you mentioned, the wars, the drugs and stuff, it all boils down to a lack of caring for oneself and others, because the increased intelligence makes ppl think there's no tangible gain from that kind of behavior. So, not CS, but compassion for others.

Dunno how comprehendable that was :) .... :O I'm beginning to sound like you :P

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