June 06, 2005

Life .... Reloaded !!

Alright, I am back !!
IITK is life !! Its been just 3 days since I have been here and I feel like I never went home.
Within an hour of my arrival here, I was playing cricket and after 3-4 hrs of cricket I finally went back to unpacking my stuff :D

The weather sure is horrible but it rained on the first two days and that did provide some respite for heat.
I was busy doing my homepage today in the morning and then it was cricket again.

Work is gonna begin soon, so I better gear-up for that too (like what do you expect me to do ;) ).

I saw "D" the first day. Nicely made RGV movie. Some nice situations and real-life closeness made it quite a nice and enjoyable flick.

Yestereday, apart from cricket, we were all busy gossiping bout the days that went by in these 2 years of IITK life.

I finally feel reunited with myself :D

"Here I am - this is me. There's no where else on earth I'd rather be."
- from Bryan Adams' "Here I am".


Anonymous TheDarkLord said...

cool life @iitk......."coming back to life..."

9:02 PM  

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