May 21, 2005

The Society (part 6) - Concluding Remarks

Well, this is gonna b the end to this long drawn first series of blog and though I didn't get many responses, I must confess that I would have felt incomplete without blogging about this and a few more things, which I will do soon.

The thing is that though the Society has been in existence for as long as humanity has (well, almost), one must understand that like every other thing, there is something called change that is necessary and it must be bought on from time to time. Change is the only certainity.

An old generation has to give in to a new one and with it, it must handover its thoughts and must trust the younger generation to choose from those thoughts as it wishes.
I am sure that there is always some fear when a new thing comes into power, but that's the way things work around us.

Personally, The Society will always be my favourite punching-bag and though I don't deny my own involvement in it, I will certainly say that some dynamism is required in it.
I hope it comes soon, coz time is flyin away quickly. The clock is ticking ..


Blogger Vinod Khare said...

Perhaps I did not get your blog correctly but it appears that you believe that the society resists change. If that is so, I must express my views against it. You see, society does change and this change is brought about by the society itself. That is the beauty of human existance. The old are constantly replaced by the new. In this way, not only does the society retain the knowlege of the old but also provides scope for the innovation of the new.
But due to this strange structure it may appear that there is a resistance to change. This resistance is an illusion only. While we younger ones blindly believe that change is always for the good and the things should change as soon as possible - it may not actually be true. There may be a thing as the change for the worse. Every change must be carefully examined and tested against time-tested principles - the wisdom of the old.
Thus it is that both extremes - the old and the new - cannot be correct. It is only the synthesis of the two that is correct. This is brought about in a natural way in the society through the struggle of the generations. You may not like this struggle and may want to put an end to it. But well, it is actually necessary that you and your parents fight. Only then can we come to a compromise which is actually good.
Sometimes there comes a situation when this gradual approach does not work. Then we need revolutions which have actually occured a countless number of times in human history.
But if you analyse carefully this revolutions are only at a very high level - the government or the nation. The actual society changes only gradually.

3:22 AM  
Blogger anshul said...

Bravo !!
excellent thoughts, I must say.
And yes, I was tryin to say that nowadays change isn't as dynamic as it ought to be lookin at the way things are changing.
I agree vth most things u said but think abt this -
1."change is necessary"
2."at present things are changing at a very hyped rate or a very very fast rate"
Now, the change in society is not able to live up to the other changes around. Just lokk at how fast things are changing around us. In that relative sense, the society is going on very slowly.
No doubt, change can be bad, in infact in many cases it is, but still change has to be thought of atleast.
Just imagine how good it would be if a generation gives into the next generation almost entirely peacefully, i mean, if the generations think alike and so the society will change dynamically, and gradually too. I mean, when the old gen gives in to the new gen, there is a JUMP. or a kind of discontinuity. It is this jump that I hoped to smoothen out or atleast tell ppl abt.
In the sense of its intensity (the JUMP's), other changes are but gradual and too very tender. So, in that sense I was tryin to say that the society isn't changing (by leaps and bounds mayb).

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