May 07, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Its good to be home, especially after the endsems. I was kinda feeling awkward at IITK after the endsems and I just wanted to rush back home. The journey didn't turn out to be that bad either. Though it was 31 hours long it was kinda ok as my journeys go.

I have got lots to do, well, atleast I plan to do a lot.
Jogging is the first thing, doing some study for my project is the second.
These are the two "constructive" things that I thought of doing this one month.
Can't wait to meet my friends, catch up with my cousin, get on my Activa, write another poem, check out the Hyd malls and do a lot more things that this month can offer.
Basically, I hope to get the best out of this month.
Let's see how things go.
I am also planning to put up a new "Movies" page soon.
Let's see how that turns out.
I am kinda sleepy now, so I better hit the sack.


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