May 09, 2005

A "Routine" Vacation Day

Nice day today, saw a movie and finished the novel I was on.
Generally I picture myself spending most of the time outside on a good vacation day but with time, I must say that is becoming very rare, I don't know why.
Ppl are somehow busy with their own chores, however silly they might be. Whatever, I can't speak for them all.

So, I saw "Hitch" today. A typical Will Smith movie minus the action. This was a romantic comedy and I somehow had this idea that the movie wouldn't b able to do that well in the Romance department but it had me in the end. Brillinatly covered movie and its greatest asset was the details, little things that make so much of a difference.
The comedy was real neat and sharp. No cheap nonsense, just up to the point situational comedy. The first half had so many light moments and funky scenes.
Man, I didn't know the movie would be that good. But I must also confess that I enjoy almost any movie (yeah, its strange but I have enjoyed almost 90% of the films I have seen :D ).

Then, I finished the autobiography I was spending time on from three days now.
This was a different kind of autobiography. Sure the person was kinda big but in a very different department. He was a top Mafia guy. I know, imagine the autobiography of a Mafia guy, but this was awesome.
He was a top Mafia guy who was cheated by a few of his close friends and then he turned informer to the cops. Just looking at the way they make money will have u in splits.
They call upon a rich guy to play cards with them (he surely doesn't know they are bad guys) and initially they let him win and then slowly, they squeeze his entire money out, infact he ends up in debts with them (and u DON'T want to b in debts with these guys). Imagine owing money to the mob guys, man !!
They also do a kind of informal banking !!
They say that u can invest money with them and they'll give u 5% money on it and initially they do till u give them more money based on trust and when they finally have enuf money, they simply tell u to run off.

But the thing that was really new was the way they were disciplined in the business. No one harms any Mafia guy's family and infact if a Mafia guy is in prison, his family continues to get a kind of pension while the guy is in prison. Its so appealing :)) .
They sometimes do so much for each other that you'll wonder how these guys could be bad.
And this guy actually says that he enjoyed being in the Mafia but would never want his kids to be in it and says that he had missed the best part of his life since he had to be away from his family. This was one nicely constructed book.



Anonymous ansari said...

'Silly' chores? :)

You're one of the few people I know who liked Hitch...didn't you find it cliched at all?

Will get that autobiography from you :) Sounds really interesting.

About that discipline thing, yeah....from whatever Mario Puzo books I've read, the Mob guys (esply old ones from Sicily) have a strong sense of honor. It's paradoxical though that they value others' life so little, and yet would do anything for one of their own. I guess it's like you justify yourself no matter what, and follow a strict (even if inconsistent) set of rules to make yourself feel less guilty. Very simplistic, but what say?

12:53 AM  

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