May 08, 2005

The Society (part 2), The Roots

How the Society began is as stupid a question as asking "How did relationships begin".
Its so very elementary. It was an act of utmost selflessness (atleast it was supposed to be). The society was supposed to protect everything that was moral and punish the others.
All in all, the Society was to create a safer next generation so that they could become what the then-generation thought was right and safe and so that the path they thought was right would be followed.
I must say that to some extent the words (the untold words, actually) of the Society are Law in some places and in some places they are even worshipped as holy rules.

But sooner or later, everyone of the new generation starts questioning the basis of what the society professes. In some ways, the Society comprises of people who are generally experienced in matters of Life and have done well in their personal lives.
You must understand that what you think of the society is something very much your own. There is no Society in its physical form. Its just a thing that exists and which governs a lot of things, at times.

People are scared to against the Society coz it wud harm someone or the other and they feel that it would be wrong to do this coz the Society thinks it is wrong.
Is this logical ?? Well, in some cases it is, but in many cases, it is wrong too.
So, what do you do, listen to the Society or not ?
Well, its finally your decision but I wanted to dig deeper into the psychology of this Society.
I am gonna start writing on the core of the subject from tomorrow.
Let's see.
B bye.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I beg to differ here. The creation of society was an act of utmost selfishness. Society is defined as a collection of people. People came together because they felt afraid being alone, they could not live without interacting or interdepending. Societies were formed to confer physical security on people. To distribute workloads.

Morals and values came much later when people discovered that when they stay together clashes are inevitable. Therefore staying together demanded that every man ought to be given some liberties as well as have some boundaries - which he should not step out of and which should not be transgressed upon by others. With the genesis of morals and values a regulating authority was needed. This gave rise to law.

Religion probably arose because there were certain things which were out of control of man - like natural calamities. Or certain things which bewildered man - like lightning. To confer a sense of safety on people against these evils, people personified them and began to worship them to propitiate them.

3:18 AM  
Blogger anshul said...

Well Anon,you hit most of the nails right. First,I must confess that I didn't clearly state what I wanted to do,but I wanted to discover it on my way. The thing is,I am talking about the society today.It has far gone beyond those days when socities were for physical seurities.Yes,you are right that their establishent had selfish purposes. But they deem themselves as a "helping" group and hence I used "selfless".
You are right bout everything, but the thing is that I just was trying to sarcastically trace the origin of the present socities to the time from which they changed into the now existing, "morals-protecting" groups. I wasn't trying to go as far back as the start of societies.
Hope that clarifies my side a bit.
Anyways, thanx for the input.
P.S. Anonymous must be having a name, rite ?

4:33 AM  

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