May 14, 2005

Its Been A While

Hey everyone !!
Its been a while. The net hasn't been responding very well for the past couple of days.
I saw "Kingdom Of Heavens". Story was quite good (about Jerusalem) and the fight scenes were quite good too but it was a bit long and a bit boring at times.
Next, I saw xxx2, again !! Actually had to see it again. No other good movie was on the offering nearby, so.

Roamed a bit aroung Hyd too (after a long time). Those good shopping malls and the huge parking lots, Man it was like old times !!

I haven't been able to go out a lot due to the extreme heat here in the day time and the day time is like from morning 8 to evening 6 !!. Imagine that !!

There was this topic of "Being Institutionalized" (Watch "Shawshank Redemption") that a friend of mine bought up in the newsgroup back at IITK and I now really feel that every one of us at IITK has this feeling in them, though to various extents depending on person to person.
You can't live away from the place for long. It kinda pulls you back. I am not in a very desperate state right now to get back but then its only been a week and I wish I could go back for a while and come back again. Wish I had lived somewhere close to Kanpur, but then, I can't imagine a better home than Hyderabad.

You know, there just this something about living in a hostel, especially IITK that makes you forget home (except after the endsems; its a time when everything around you feels so alien and so creepy. You just wanna run away, somewhere. Anywhere) and you feel so much in the element when u r at IITK. That feeling of comfort and relaxation, friends, computer, LAN, the hostel, the junk food, oh man !! The list is endless. I dunno whats gonna happen at the time of convocation when you will be kicked out of that place. We friends sometimes try to imagine our misery when that particular day will arrive and we always end up saying "Forget it man, its too scary a situation to imagine". We all know deep down that its gonna happen, one fine day. Sometimes, we also feel that we should just get out of this place as quickly as possible. As raks put it once "I just hope that we all get out of this place in our stipulated time" ;) (IITians samajh hi gaye honge, others need not bother :) ).
I'll close the post now. Gotta eat.


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