May 14, 2005

The Society (part 3), "The Moral Police" ??

Well, it had to come down to this comparison you know. The Society does invariably create an atmosphere of limits for us (the ppl of the society) to live within and to make sure we don't cross them. But the greatest irony is that time and again these lines have been redrawn coz it so happens that mostly one individual crosses the line, goes across it, and finds that there was no reason to stay behind the lines all these years and then after some deep thinking the society finally opens its eyes and redraws the lines, putting the new ones just infront of the position where the individual has just got to. I mean, there still is this tendancy for the society to act safe and limit things as much as possible. No doubt its good to be safe but only if it really is an issue. I mean, some of the norms of the society (though untold, but their existence isn't even doubted) are so illogical that u feel like you are in those old times that u wud have probably heard of from your grandparents. Sure things have moved on but some things are still clinging on to old times without any reason.

The problem arises when an individual actually comes across a scenario in which one sees that it is beneficial to be on the other side of the line and it is logical too !!
Yet, because of the society, one generall does hold back and in some cases u actually start blaming yourself that u took steps that led to such closeness to these holy lines. What crap !!
I mean just coz the norms have stood the test of time doesn't mean that they are right and should be upheld at all times. It might just b that no one ever saw the other side of the line and no one ever bothered to do so.
What one must do at such times is to think as to what would happen if he/she crosses the line and enters into the other side, irrespective of the society. That is, what would the other side be like, assuming that what the society says isn't important.
It is sometimes beneficial to ignore the society and at times the society leaves u with no other choice. Either give up and become another brick in the wall or else, stand up for urself and rather be The Gladiator and fight off the sticky society and open their eyes, or better still, just do what u feel is right and don't give a damn about the society. Deep down everyone feels that yes, the society is just a gas-bag and there is no weight in what it says, yet whenever someone other than us tries to cross the lines, we immediately (rather spontaneously) blame him/her for being careless and ask him/her to step back.
Now this really is hypocrisy. This isn't how the system should work. One should atleast try to practice what one preaches. But I guess that's how it works. I am talking in general about societies all over the globe, though I must confess that I am taking instances and inspiration from the state of society around me.
I better go to sleep now if I even plan to go to jogging tomorrow morning.


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Your statements are too general. I think it would be great if you could furnish some examples as well when you make a point so that we can appreciate it better.


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