May 23, 2005

Some Good Busy Days

Yeah, I have been having some real good and busy days. Busy as in so many places to go to and so little time :)
This has been my schedule for the past few days :-
wake up at 11 a.m. , be in a daze till 12 (:)) ), online till lunch, lunch, TV, first outing, back home just to tell my parents that I will b going out in the nite, second outing, return by 11 or 12, play caesar 3 till 1 or 2 in the night, doze off happily.
Well, now that's hectic.
I bought a few more novels and now I have 3 books that I have to read plus I am gonna get one more from a friend. Looks like I'll have some busy reading in the future.

Apart from that, I saw the movie "Naina", starring Urmila Matondkar yesterday night.
The best part about the movie was that it was just two hours long :)). I hope u get the picture. I went in vth a very good mood and high spirits. The movie started off pretty well and moved at a very decent pace ( the pace for one thing, was decent thruout the movie). Urmila's acting was very good and well, she does suit these movies perfectly well. The problem started after the intermission. The story was revealed and I must tell you, it was crap. Nonsense. I mean, the first half was decent and the 2nd half totally didn't live up to the 1st at all !! Well, that's that.
In the first half, I was sitting right next to the A.C. and boy, was it cold !!
And with the compressor making so much noise, I was like hearing from only one ear :))
But I swapped seats vth my friend and well, he seemed to b enjoyin the excess cold.

Also saw the movie "Veronica Guerin" yesterday on Star Movies. Cate Blanchett stars in this true-life based movie of a journalist who goes beyond everything to try and expose the drug lords in Ireland. Again, a short movie, no-nonsense, brilliantly directed and good pace.
But it was the end that really comes hard at you. Great movie and I won't spoil the ending for you.

I have also been very busy playing Ceasar 3 on my comp. This is one very unique game. U r given a huge piece of land, almost an entire state, and ur job is to .... that's the best part. You can do anything u like. Its basically city building and there isn't any fighting like in AOE etc. So, what makes this game intresting. Well, it focusses on city-building and upkeeping. One helluva game this one. Try it out, but only if u like strategy games. I am playing this game after one whole year and so its very refreshing.

Lots more happening, but I better stop now.


Blogger Vinod Khare said...

Ab ispe kya comment doon? Isn't it "kate" Blanchette and not "Cate" Blanchette? Aur thoda weight put on kar bhai, varna aise hi thand lagti rahegi.

11:44 AM  

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