July 01, 2005


I know, I know, I'm seeing too many movies but then, it ain't bad It's all good :D
This is a nice movie, great acting, but I'll stop at that. Bcoz I had already read a similar plot in "My Life In The Mafia" (http://home.iitk.ac.in/student/ganshul/My%20Life%20In%20The%20Mafia.htm), the plot didn't appeal too much. The acting sure was great, but I must admit I have a certain affinity towards Robert De Niro, so the rest of the cast didn't matter to me :)

I read once that this movie beats Godfather in its organised crime content. True, the organised crime was better shown here, but Godfather had style, style that none could match. That is what the movie lacked. Style.

Decent movie, but drags a bit too much. De Niro shoulda been givena lot neater and tidier footage. He didn't get any solid scenes. Liota was good, but not enough.

Overall, OK movie.


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