August 24, 2005

It Starts ....

Its been loooooong, and I don't know when I will be able to write next just bcoz I don't know when I will be able to squeeze some free time and even if I do that, will I use it to blog.

Seniors used to say that 2nd year is tougher than the 1st and 3rd is tougher than the 2nd. Well, and every year we were like "It can't get worse than this". But then, it does :
Third year is finally here,and boy !!,did it start with a bang, rather it started with BANGS !!
This week we had 4 assignments (all one week long assignments). Now, each is supposed to take like 5 - 7 hours, but again notice the word "supposed". The coding takes only 2 hrs. But the damn debugging takes 2 days !!, that too after a combined effort from the entire departmental batch.
I finally found some free time today coz 2 of the 4 assignments had a deadline of today and are hence completed. One's due tomorrow and one day after.

Once u get such assignments, its not about hard work anymore. Its more like "the wheels are in motion". Once u start working on em, u won't know the time. It is very time consuming and at every step u r like "hust 5 more mins and it will be done". 5 hrs later, u r still slogging !!
That's 3rd year.
It becomes more like a machine. U start and it goes on till the deadline approaches and shuts u off, well, just to start u again, but that's a different story.

But yes, I still manage to average 5-7 movies per week and atleast one trip to Domino's :D (its due for tomorrow for this week :) ).
I m not gonna bore u again by reviewing the movies (and I sure don't want ansari to feel jealous :D ), but I'll just list em.
Ring 1, Ring 2, Three Kings, Enduring Love, Summer Of Love, The Insider (best of em all), My Wife's Murder (In theatre, but ya, I wish I had seen it on the comp :( ), unleashed, white noise, 40 days and 40 nights. Phew, now that's a nice long list :).
But seriously, all these happened majorly in just 2-3 days of last week when I was relatively free.
Another thing that 3rd year does is to get u close to ur "like-fated" departmental ppl. All suffering from the same epidemic :)
U suddenly start adding ppl to ur yahoo list so that they can help u out in time of despair, which is like, every 10 minutes I suppose :).
Enough of that now.


Blogger ansari said...

Heh...third year is busy, and I know it as well as you. Maybe even better. Somehow, that still doesn't stop me from watching my serials :)) I might complain abt never-ending labs and assignments, and homework and stuff, but I still watch a few every week.


Heh..the yahoo thing started last sem for us...properly I mean. Now I can say I use the net for academic purposes ;)

11:29 PM  
Anonymous kb said...

this 3rd yr is really very boring.I always confused ki either study this sub or that and then finally i treat all of them equally...i study none of them...i think there shudnt b any weekend in 3rd yr..bacuuse it simply ruins the routine.
I just wish ki 1st mid sem jaldi se over ho jaayein..then remaining sem is almost done.

11:52 AM  
Blogger tony63vanessa said...

Just passing by your blog and though you'd like this site.

4:08 PM  

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