July 11, 2005

....All Things Shining.

....Oh my soul. Let me be in you now. Look out through my eyes. Look out at the things you made. All things shining - these were the last lines from "The Thin Red Line". I still haven't been able to get over this movie. The lines of the movie still hover around in my head.

Well, things have been shining pretty well suddenly.
My project finally seems to be over :) Just gotta write down the proof now. That shouldn't be too bad coz u atleast know that u can finish it off, I mean u don't have to use more brains. Just the skill of writing.

It has been raining pretty heavily and surprisingly quite many trees are taking the fall. Plus the lamp-posts seem to be just pushing the mud down and giving way. Strange things. If u look at these lamp-posts and trees u'll get a kinda armageddon feeling.

5 movie reviews for u then.

1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Starring Kate Winslet, Jim Carrey (no, this isn't a comedy), Kirsten Dunst (smallish role).
This movie is a kinda mix of Butterfly Effect and any romatic movie. The story is good due to the involvement of a psychological element. But this also drags the movie down coz u don't expect science in a love-story.
But, don't watch it for the plot. Watch it for two things. Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey.
Kate Winslet's opening sequence is just marvellous. I had this titanic image in my mind but I suddenly see this full_of_life girl jumping around the screen and she acted so very well. The second-half didn't have much scope for actying for anyone at all.
Now, I always believed that Jim Carrey can't pull off anything but comedy. I stand corrected.
This man just rocked in the movie. He plays a timid, serious person dealing with his rather miserable love life. He plays it so very perfectly. The scene in which he suddenly cries out in is car was just brilliant. It portrayed his helplessness so very well.
If u are a fan of either of the two, this is a must watch for u. Otherwise, if u haven't got much to do, u cud give this film a chance.

2.The Station Agent
This is an 80 minute movie which captures the life of a dwarf. It's not all pitiful and sad types. The movie majorly deals with nice people. Those who actually treat him as the person he is, and not his physical self. I won't say it is a moving kinda film but it sure does touch your heart on many occasions. Some scenes were just too funny and the director has done a good job at those scenes I can tell you.
The protagonist does a pretty neat job, but other than that, there are no powerful roles. The story revolves basically around 3 friends and all good of heart. So, its a pretty feel_nice movie. Though u cud do without a watch.

3. Dead Poets Society
The best of the 5 flicks that I am reviewing here. This one was terrific. No second thoughts. This one rocks big time. It stars Robin Williams and again I had this Jumanji image in my mind but again, I was corrected. Brilliant acting. He kinda underplayed and it was just awesome. He plays an English Professor at a big time institute but he would rather teach his students how to think freely than ask them to rote stuff. In some ways the film Mohabbatein was inspired by this but there's no romantic element in it. You'll go thru the first half of the film with feelings of nice_comedy, refreshing, good acting, innocent and nice_stuff movie.
But, then it darkens. I won't reveal it to you but it changes drastically. All those good ideas are put to the test and the ending just leaves u speachless. Very powerful. The second half was like a different movie altogether but at the end u realize that they are like two sides of the same coin. Great movie. I just don't wanna reveal anything to spoil ur viewing pleasure.

4. Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
The best thing about the movie is that they didn't try to keep it serious. I actually enjoyed the funny (though criminal) sequences in the movie which were very very intelligently crafted. This is a total timepass movie and u won't regret one minute of ur time. The only reason it can't reach Dead Poet's Society is coz I rate films with a deep feeling much higher than those with "pure entertainment" value. This is a pure entertainer though the crime and killing might not appeal to all. The humor is just too intelligent. And then there's the british accent thruput the movie, which actually adds to the effect most of the times.
If u are thinking of watching this movie, u r on the right track mate.

5. Message In A Bottle
I first read the plot. It said that it was a movie about a lady finding a very depressing love letter in a bottle by the sea and her search for the writer. Seemed pretty much like the theme I write poems on :) So I thought lets give this film a chance. The two letters that she finds initially were very well written and I was enjoying the strong words. Then came the writer. I forget his name. I think Costner (the waterworld guy). Seriously, he fails to impress. But then, the problem was he just falls in love with this girl. At this point I totally lost it. I mean, it was too trivial. In one way he is shown as the guy who cud never part from his departed wife and the next scene he is romancing this girl who he doesn't even know. Boring.
So, I just forwarded the movie and saw the spoilers on the net. I realized that the last 10 minutes of the movie shifts away from the scene and I actually missed some real emotional sequence which wasn't the cliche type. The ending becomes too senti but it was done well. But then I can't watch a 2hr movie just for its last 10 mins. It has to keep u glued till those last 10 mins. This one fails miserably. Better stay away. Chances are you'll never hear about this movie, so u won't have to worry.

Adios then.


Blogger Vinod Khare said...

Hi Anshul,
Long time no see, eh?
Well, about The Butterfly Effect. If you were not expecting science in a love story then you are perhaps not aquainted with something called soft science fiction. It is a type of science fiction which deals mainly with human reaction to science. Technically this movie will fall under the category of science fiction rather than a love story!

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