July 02, 2005

Sarkar, it's POWERFUL

Ram Gopal Verma is back with Sarkar, and believe me, he's back for good. It's a brilliant movie, and has a lot of RGV in it. In the very beginning RGV confesses that SARKAR is his tribute to "The Godfather". Comparing these movies would be foolishness. They are different bcoz they were made for different ppl.
But the movie starts and ends in a similar fashion, though the rest is RGV fashion.
It's a 2 hr flick, no songs, no nonsense.

First, the negatives.
Plot wasn't exactly exciting. It was all too Deja-Vu with movies like Company, D etc etc.
The part with Katrina Kaif was a sheer waste. Those 10-15 mins could have been used to a much better purpose.
It rarely happens that you feel a movie was short. But that's exactly what I felt when Sarkar came to an end. It was short. Another half hour would have been no pain at all. I really wanted to see more of the power that Sarkar possesses.

The goods.
Superb direction. Just excellent.
Neat and tidy dialogues and good settings too.
Excellent background score. Before the interval, I thought that it couldn't match the background score of Company, but after the interval, I stood corrected. Simple and brilliant background score.
Best of all, the acting. Seriously, mouth-watering stuff man !!
I'll go in order.
Amitabh Bachchan does (obviously) an excellent job and it seems that this man is just getting better and better, though there isn't much room for improvement :)
The problem was that his character wasn't loud enough. He had to underplay it. He does a great job though, but u are like just waiting for him to stand up and burst out, but his character in the movie doesn't allow that.
Abhishek Bachchan. Well, I would say it was his best performance to date, maybe only comparable to Yuva. Again, his character in the first half of the movie had nothing to offer, hence I won't blame him for the first half. In the second half, he rocks !! Seriously, I now finally feel that Abhishek Bachchan his here to stay. He still needs more hits, but with the power he displayed in Sarkar, he can sure look forward to some awesome offers.
Kay Kay. This guy literally steals the show from right under the noses of all the giants. His role doesn't go till the end of the movie but it is good enough. Good enough to tell u what a great performer he is. I saw him in Chhal before and felt he was just superb. But he does much much more than that in Sarkar. I know I might be saying too much here, but given the circumstances, his was the best performance of the entire movie. He just stole the show. Awesome work.

The movie has raw power and hence, might not appeal to all. It's about crime and power. Though not exactly like Company, Satya and D, it's not too far from them either.
The movie, in one word, is a powerhouse.


Anonymous thedarklord said...

i feel like runnin to a theatre around to watch SARKAR ryt now..

3:23 AM  
Anonymous thedarklord said...

seen SARKAR yest....man!! what a movie!!!

11:17 PM  

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