February 03, 2008

last post explained

Hmm, looks like the audience ain't as smart as I thought they would be :P
Please pardon my self-glorifying statements here.

The idea was when you dream about something, and when it really happens, there is (in many cases) a difference and this difference can be huge. Think about a movie with an awesome star cast. There will be times (in Bollywood, lots) when the movie doesn't meet your expectations.
For people who are into novels, doesn't it usually happen that a movie based on the best-seller you read doesn't seem to be even close. Think about it. The other person who didn't read the book might have enjoyed the movie a lot more than you did.
The reason: when you read a novel, you `imagine' the story in your head. You direct it. You put in the characters. It's your own little film playing in your head. Now how can someone beat your imagination ? Some movies like LOTR pull it off but I hope you get what I am trying to say.

Now the return journey through the woods was a bit confusing I accept.
It was about how we remember or (unconsciously) want to remember the things that happened for real. You can make a memory sweet even though it wasn't as sweet as you remember it. Or if there was an event in which two people were involved, say a vacation you and your best friend took, then he might not remember it in the same spirits as you do.
I hope that makes the last post a little more clear.


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Blogger Ankan said...

With reference to the imagination thing...maybe my imagination ain't as rich as some other people. But when I read their description of an account, I do end up mesmerized.
I remember having read Pather Panchali, I don't know whether you have heard of the book- but I could never have imagined the beauty of it as vividly as Ray portrayed it.
Come to think of descriptions, also how rich your imagination is plays a role. James Herriot writes about regular mundane stuff he performs in his job as a vet- a supposedly pedestrian profession, with such unabashed joy, that you would feel he's in heaven. He sure does beat my imagination every time I think how I would have described a vet's job!

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