May 14, 2006

From Zurich

Hi all,
I dunno how long it has been since I blogged and I dunno how long it will b bfore I blog again, so lets not bother bout that :)

Zurich is, well, pretty clean, advanced and ideal for work.
India is mayb, not comparable to Zurich yet in any of the above stuff but then, I have realized and accepted than India is home. The place I wud settle down finally. Ppl here in Zurich are always busy, always formal. Not "mast" like we Indians. And thats something I can't live without.

The place has brilliant scenic beauty. No comparison there.

U c, I had this conception that "abroad" would b a gr8 place to live.
Atleast Switz isn't. Holiday, yes. Life, NO.

Now I guess the US is slightly better off, but yes, I wouldn't b surprised if it turns out to be un_settle_able either.

The things here are pretty modern and stuff. Sensors everywhere. And rules that are followed and never broken. That makes it systematic and NO, it isn't boring to follow rules. This is one thing we cud pick up.
But then again, there are ups and downs in all things.
Overall, nice place for a holiday, and even better for a honeymoon ;)



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