December 29, 2006

What's money worth ?

Yeah, it's been a while.
And no, I wasn't busy, I was just plain lazy (still am :D)
I still have some audience it seems that wants me to blog. So this one's for you yukay (not UK dear, its yukay. Dear friend yukay. He has been disappointed with me lately so I thought I could do something to cheer him up. I know, clever me :D)

I take this opportunity to shamelessly publicize my latest poem A distant dream @

So, what is money worth ?
Or, to put it simply, is it worth getting super-rich ?
We all have a certain basic level of monthly expendinture that we can thrive on. Let's double it. Now double it again. Still want more ?
Why ? Greed for one. But I can't help thinking that greed is a major killer.
I mean, think of all those other things you could do instead of wasting time on earning more. More than you need that is.
Fair enough, money is needed for survival, and let's face it, for happiness too.
Well, earn that much, but why more ?
Ok, put a little aside for your future kids (assuming you don't have any yet) but even then, is money such a big thing ?
Being a Piescian (hope I spelled it right. I am too lazy to check the spelling right now), I can't help thinking that money is a waste if you don't spend it. And no, I wouldn't spend it on something I don't need. A huge merc. Err, I was never a fan of cars, so no, that doesn't go on my list of "things I just HAVE to have".
Even then, apart from a few material must_haves, most of us are rather happy on the amount of money that we can earn (I am still jobless by the way, literally). So why dream of being a millionaire ?
Most would say that they would want to be millionaires so that they won't have to do anything.
But seriously, the path to that would go through a life of enough hardships to make you alien to the spirit of "not doing anything". You would rather relax rather than working your way to becoming a millionaire.
No, I am not saying one must not work hard. But I am saying, why only work hard for money ?
Why not spend half of that time on your relations, family, friends, pursuing your hobbies (making money doesn't count as one) and countless other things you want to do.

Yes, greed is a property of being human. A requisite.
But why is greed associated to money so much. It should be the greed to do what you want to do. The greed to be happy. The greed to be able to do things that make you happy.
Most professions that people take up are for the money they are being paid. Well, doesn't seem the right thing to do somehow. Take something that you can fit into and a place where you can enjoy your stay.
Let's face it, most people work for money. Most professions have just that in mind.
Medical doctors are an exception. And anyways, I have a soft corner for medical doctors, so let's just keep them out of this.
And also those crazy nerds who want to do something for the improvement of mankind. But even there, all most gifted minds do is invent things that can make the lazy human being more lazy.
Why not work to enjoy a bit in work as well. Maybe it cuts down the money you earn, but money ? Is it worth all that ? Is it worth sacrificing your happiness ?
I really think not.
Keep in mind that I am talking about earning more than your basic needs and the basic luxuries that keep your mind healthy and happy.
Earn that, and spend the rest of your efforts elsewhere I guess. Seems the right thing to do.
I guess I'll stop here.
Maybe you'll hear from me sometime in the near future. Next year perhaps.
Which reminds me that new year is fast approaching.
So, happy new year everyone.


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thanx :P

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its "piscean"...if m not mistaken, dude... :) I understand sometimes we jst love being lazy....

10:19 AM  
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