February 10, 2006

What a week !!!!!!

Oh yes, this was one awesome week !!
Seriously, it was like one thing after the other and so much fun, basically sports, around.
I played 7 hrs straight 2 days ago, spanning over Basketball, Volleyball and Cricket.
This entire week has been cricket and volleyball, and well, I don't see it ending too soon either ;)
Had one huge assignment this night. Somehow, it turned out pretty well, given the hours I had put in ;)
It's always important to spend minimum hours and get the most out of it.
Wish all assignments could go on like this.

Oh and yeah, I have been watching movies, again, almost one a day :D

The other day we went to Rave for watching Rang De Basanti, but couldn't get the ticks, so we ate out at Barista and headed over to the city to another theatre. After getting the ticks, we then went to Pizza Hut and well, I must confess, given the rates, PH dominates over Domino's. Tastewise though, Domino's takes the edge.
So, that day was like 8 hrs of FUN !!

Going out to Pizza Hut again today ;)

The movies,
constant gardener
droh kaal
15 park avenue
stir of echoes
two for the money
city of god
spy game
matchstick men
my cousin vinny

well well, if only all weeks could be like this.
Anyways, the week still ain't over :D

Adios ppl.


Anonymous Calvin said...

get into some regualr updates man!

6:38 AM  

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