January 25, 2008

It's all in the mind !!

We see the world not through our eyes, but through our thoughts.
Something could seem like the ugliest creation on earth to someone and for someone else, it could mean the whole world.
We are our desires, said Sigmund Freud. What I perceive it is this: we see things as we want to see them, not as they are. That's why a movie might be a waste of time to someone whereas for someone else, it might have moved him to tears.

Hence I say, it's all in the mind. Sadly, that's the bare truth. We are greedy. Let's embrace that greed. It's this greed that makes us all so different. That gives us our individuality. That makes me 'I'. The world would be a horrid place if everyone was alike and thought alike.
We are all different, and we think different. That's what was meant to be. Everything is as you see it. That's all there is.

It's rightly said, we are the choices we make.
When we know we are good, we feel invincible. Whatever comes upon us, the fact that we have no guilt makes it all good. Had we done the slightest of sin, we would feel the burden of it in times of crisis. Everything adds up eventually. Everything comes back. All that we do, remains. And it haunts us.
To live is to make peace with what we have done and what has happened with us. It's give and take. To sin and to forgive are the two things in life that balance everything out.

We are what we are. We make ourselves what we are. It's all in the mind.
You'll hear more from me soon.
Adios :)

To somu, rohit, chaubeji, neerav and everyone else, thanks for being there.


Blogger Saumya Jain said...


Very well said. And of course, this marks a break from an year long hiatus from blogging. Hic-hic to that! Happy Republic (hic!, dry) Day!

P.S. : You made me a celebrity on your blog. I just love that feeling! :) Love ya!

10:51 PM  
Anonymous TopGun said...

we love 'elixirial' back to life.

9:02 AM  

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