May 02, 2005

The "Black Pearl" Effect

Nope, you ain't gonna find anything bout this on the net. Why ?? Coz I made it up :))
Actually I just coined the term, nothing else.
So, what's this all about.
Its just a factual thing that I happened to notice over the past few years and I don't know whether its a universal phenomenon or something else.
U know, when u are about to witness an event and u are sure its gonna happen and then u start thinking about how its gonna happen. I mean the place, the people around, the atmosphere etc.
Say u r actually wishing for a certain kinda atmoshphere to exist and a certain group of ppl to be there etc. That is u r wishing for a particualr scenario.
What I have noticed is that more often than not, that exact scenario will not occur though it might be the most plausible. Another scenario, maybe similar but not same, will exist in place of what u thought.
U can cite many examples bout this from day to day life.
I have felt this happen a lot with me and a few close friends of mine. Not a very big thing but strangely, in itself, it represents an incompleteness. Another Inherent Human Limitation.
U can almost never get what u want if u r wishing EXACTLY for it. The trick here is to wish for something with the same objective, yet not exactly the scenario u are looking for.
This does work big-time, believe me.
I have seen this to be quite true at times, and at times u would most need it.
I don't know if this is a common feeling among others too but yeah, ppl have talked bout such things at various times, only it was never probed in too much.
The thing is, the scenario will either exist in ur mind or in the real world. They can't co-exist except in the case of things like "Deja-vu" and those times when u have dreamt of something and exactly the same thing happens. I still can't contradict this fact.

Why Black Pearl. Simple enuf actually.
Pearl (even the Black Pearl) is a representative of Beauty and all things good and perfect. Something that we wish for in all walks of life and thus we dream or wish for.
Black here represents the state of life or the incompleteness that I had mentioned.
Its the threading of these words together that I feel depicts a lot in itself.
In History, Black Pearls were supposed to be the King's Jewel representing Power and Authority and beauty too. But again, ppl talked abt the curses of pearls and thus there was some mystery associated with this. Well ..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice thought , might be nice terminolagy too .
i would like you to remind of some physics which can provide u some hint that the idea has a great history .
two identical pinholes put slightly separated , an elctron allowed to cross them , which hole would it chose . great mystry !
if you think it would choose first and not second ,you do not know the reality and the moment you tried to know the reality it wont choose the way it should
infact the life goes that way .
how is it related ?
till the moment you think of ideality , which way the elctron goes or how the life should be ,
you do not know how it is .
and the moment you tries to come closer to reality you change the
idelity , i mean you change the path yourself .
the idea can be put forward this way , an event is an entity which
has a definite cordinates in a frame of refrence . now in the same frame it cannot have two coordinates else they would be different events
the moment you define an event
it has occured in your frame , now as you donot change your frame of refrence the same event cannot be repeated infront of you . i mean to say whenever you have some dream ,it has got some physical reality that reality cannot be repeated in your frame so no possiblity of ideality coming true , either you change your frame or leave your dream !!

11:02 AM  
Blogger Vinod Khare said...

An interesting observation. Though, it has a fairly simple explanation. The answer lies in probability. For the same objective, there are a number of possible ways that the events can occur. For example if you want to go to the Academic area from your room, there are numerous, almost infinite ways you can do it, and count with that the number of ways you can interact with people on the way. The human mind can never imagine such multitudes. It can imagib=ne only one scenario. The probability of that thing happening is very low.
Still, like you yourself said. Such coincidences do happen in deja vu like situations. It is such deja vu's that surprise me. That they actually happen in spite of the enormous odds against them, is the true mystery of life.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Vinod Khare said...

The name is nice though - Black Pearl. Enigmatic and sophisticated!

10:54 PM  
Blogger anshul said...

Well Anonymous, u are true in the frame and co-ordinate stuff but u forget that dreams do come true at times. So they have actually occured twice - in ur dreams as well as in reality. And yes, Vinod, this is a rare but true fact. Its probability is very low and yet it occurs. Another mystery, another day ....
At the end of it all, we still don't know where we come from. Humans rock !!!!

11:29 PM  
Blogger sumeet kumar said...

well this probablity always hurts me , to me it is a way to hide our
limitations .
back in history the heisenbergs
principle "The more precisely position is determined the less
precisely the momentum is known "
is just a way to accept your limitations and limitations are never permanent .
he was limited because of the way he tried to measure the quantities .
we cant say whether it is an absolute limitation , a universal law or limitation of the process he opted to arrive at the conclusion .

the same way ,the probablity of
doing something it might be
just lack of knowledge ,
the knowledge of governing equations and the initial conditions .
eg the tossing of a coin,
we always say the prob is 1/2 . but actually it is the the complexity of governing equations (almost chaotic ) that makes the event unpredictible but we should understand that its our limitation
to predict .

1:46 AM  
Anonymous ansari said...

ya i know exactly what u mean .. it's just that u imagine things too precisely and the more precise u get, the less the probability of that sequence of events happening. everything leads from previous events right.. and the higher a pyramid u build on imagined events, the more likely it's gonna fall.

good post! u articulated something very abstract very nicely.

1:18 AM  

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