May 27, 2005

The Past Few Days..

Hello all,
its been good. So has the weather.
I spent 3 days at my cousins place and all we did was play computer games and watch movies.
One ulti game was Call Of Duty, this is a game built around World War II time and you have to do different missions, basically sniping, killing and the sorts. Sounds regular eh ?
U seen Enemy At The Gates or Saving Private Ryan, remember those war-torn buildings and those shelled homes with streets full of remains of buildings and dirt. This is exactly what the game features. Sniping at its best, seriously. I am a big fan of sniping and I think could have done well in the forces as a Sniper ( :)) ). But seriously, all those FPS game lovers out there, this is one sweet game.

Apart from that, had lotsa junk food and watched two movies
1. Identity:- U think u r good at understanding english movies at the first go. Try this. Brilliant and VERY confusing. I am still not sure what happened even after going thru the spoilers. Actually those who wrote the spoilers started off like this "This is what I think happened..."
That quite much tells the story doesn't it.
2.National Treasure:- Nice story, great acting by Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger was looking the face that launched a thousand ships :))

I have to write two GOOD blogs but I ain't got the time rite now, but will do so soon.


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