May 27, 2005

To The 10 And Back (part 1) Prologue

I am gonna kich start the first of the two blogs that I am almost forced to write by my conscience. This series is gonna go deep, so I can't promise that most of u will make any head or tail outta it. It depends on how deep u wanna go.
Why am I doing this particular series of posts. For one, this is gonna be an eye-opener to many and probably to myself when I finish it off. Second, I feel compelled to write this down, especially after coming so close to the end.
The inspiration comes from many sources but the fact that I just got confirmation of my 10/10 score for the fourth semester was the kill.
This series is gonna mayb bring out a few things abt myself, and hence is very appropriate for the title of the blog itself viz. "I am ... umm, who am I ??"
Finally, I want to make it clear that at no point will I lose my humbleness and will I try to hurt others. I mean, I am gonna try my best to make sure u ppl don't say "What do u know, u r a 10 pointer. U don't know how it feels to .....". Plz, don't think that. The fact that a few ppl are gonna think like that is one reason I didn't blog earlier but I think I need to do this.


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