October 22, 2005

The ANSWER to almost all queries !!

Sometimes u just have to believe that things can't be coincidental. There has got to be something beyond just probability and all that maths.
I was in quite many thoughts in the past weeks about how I shud approach the rest of my acad life. I was starting to lose interest in "scoring" grades. The fun of learning something nice and new and the enthu of problem-solving will not leave me that easily so I know for sure I will never be careless, but the problem of whether I should push beyond what I feel is the limit ?

Lemme rephrase that.
There is almost no fool-proof way of saying what one's limits are. In my context I was talking about limits in the sense of working hard. That is, working beyond your present level.
The brain always pushes you to newer and newer limits and as u keep approaching these limits u feel good coz u feel that u have so much more left in you, u feel "superior". But its not all that simple. Ur heart cries out for u to stop, relax, and never do that again.
The classic problem of life: Brain vs Heart.
Who should win.
Simple answer: YOU !!
u c, when u push yourself beyond a certain level, u'll go "snap". That's right. You'll just snap.
It happens in both extremes u know.
I always knew that if u don't work at all, u r gonna be doomed, so i never even tried that lower limit.
It was the upper limit that I was always uncertain of. I never saw any problems in working beyond what u can, until now.
There's this little thing called "health". And believe me, when u r not at peace with urself, ur hurting urself in ways that u are not even aware of !!
U are building up that resentment and that feeling of "I want to break free" in u for too long.
So, whats gonna happen. BOOM !!

U c, when u start hurting urself too much, nature comes in and tries to warn u by trying to make u feel uncomfortable. That's wen u shud realize and stop, relax and think abt it.
Infact, its always good to stop if u r heart is not into it.
No use trying to fight wid urself u know. Just doesn't help.

I know I am not doing a very good job today at blogging but I hope my message is slightly clear atleast.


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Anonymous thedarklord said...

tooo gud man too gud!

3:32 AM  
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