January 22, 2006

The Land Of Dreams

Its been a long time since I posted, and seems like a few ppl do read my blog. So, I tot I better not stay away for too long :)

I have been watching a movie a day for almost 10-15 days now !!
Good Will Hunting, Any Given Sunday (Cameron DIaz !!), Get Carter, Heat, Bourne Supremacy, House Of Sand And Fog, Serpico, Flightplan, Solaris, Old Boy. That's all I remember for now :D

Havin a fun time so far this sem. Ditching classes, sleeping late, its gr8 !!

Anyways, back to the post.

Ever had a dream that u wished so badly for and which kept going on in ur head for so many times that u almost felt like touching it.
Well, I guess we all have at some point or the other in our lives. But, mostly, and sadlly, they stay as dreams, away from reality. Its like it just exists somewhere, in some other world, but not in this one.
Maybe, its a day from your school life that u wud just love to replay. Just once, just for a few hours. Wouldn't it be great if it cud happen ? Get a chance to visit the land of dreams, just once.
Ahh, what could u give up for a chance like that ??
And suddenly, u realize that the little things u worry so much about are nothing compared to the intensity of that dream; the shining light is so bright that u can't see the road ahead; a mirage ? an illusion ?

Cud such a place ever exist ?
Some religions claim that afterlife comes close to such a place. Seems good. Atleast, sounds good. Reassuring, that there is something beyond. Something.

U won't believe it but there are actually a group of ppl who argue death is better than life itself !! Crazy thought, but then, there is so much that's written about it.
They believe that life is just a phase where you are shown the dream room ahead, but u never get a chance to open that door, however hard u try.
Death, they believe, is ur journey thru that very door. Into the land of dreams. Within the land of dreams. No, I am NOT tryin to influence u all to try that door, heck no.
But I would love to believe that such a world exists somewhere, in some parallel universe. I wouldn't really mind if we never get to know where it is, but, just to know that it exists. Sounds very .. I dunno.

I guess a person can actually create his own illusion and believe so strongly in it, that it bcomes almost true for him. Faith, intense and deep faith.
I guess thats what happens to a few of those who are put into assylums.

But if u ver given a chance to go thru that door, in excahnge for this life tha u have, wat wud u do ?
Crazy question, but, what wud u do ?
Hmm, think abt that.


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