December 09, 2005

Now We Are Free

This was a quote from "Gladiator" which I saw for a 2nd time simply for Russell Crowe and the theme song at the end and the awesome sequences in between.
But yes, I am free now, free from a lot of things, some good , some bad.
Back at home after 6 months is something different, but surely enjoyable :)
Lotsa friends here, and all jobless just like me, so that makes it even better.

Lost the streak of 10s this semester but I was ready for lke 9.2 or 9.6 , damn, not 8.8 !!
Neways, I had enuff things on my side for so long I guess, won't let this bother me.
Another sem down, good !!
Seriously, now I just can't wait to get outta IIT and get back to some real life.

Was hoping to write down a poem or story but I dunno if I can give it enough time.
Got basically no work to do this hols except maybe a couple of odd things.
Hoping to get a digicam this hols if i can butter up my folks ;)

U know what, I made a list of the english movies I have seen and it crossed like the 250 mark with ease, but the thing is, most of these are movies I have seen in the last 1.5 years only !!
365 * 1.5 = 550 odd days, and 250 movies. Good eh (and u must b guessing how i ended up with 4 10's.hehe, i guess that too now :-P).

So, now that I am officially off the "tenner" title, I can ease off the pressure, but I just gotta work for one more sem bfore apping to univs, so I still have to work for one last sem bfore officially relaxing off.

neways, we will bother about that later on.

Ok, coming to the point. Couldn't blog a lot this sem, but hope to do so next sem, tho its gonna be atleast as hot. Hopefully, I won't ;)

Just finished the novel "Love" by Toni Morrison and tho its not what u might expect rom the title, its a masterpiece. The authot is a noble-prize winner in Literature and u can guess that by the complexity and the way the book travels. Enthralling !!
I will have the review out soon on the website but I will still talk a bit about the book here.
I read around 20 pages, got nothing into my head. Re-read the 20 pages and went ahead till 60.
Stupid acads came up, had to stop. So, when I finally started after the sem, I had to read everything again. And I finally understood it this time (I hope so atleast ;)).
The book is about the relationships of a man who has been dead for 25 odd years as the book starts and how those relations interact among themselves. Its a very dynamic book which changes ur views rapidly by showing more of the things as time goes on. Its like, u know a bit abt the ppl and u have some picture of them. Then, within just one incident, ur views change, and they do so very steadily, and u can feel that transit of the picture that u had.
Its pure magic done by the author. the book in itself is so comples that if it ver put up in some english course, damn I would de-register while I could ;)
Story is alright, its the way things are manipulated and shown to u by the author that makes it so wonderful.
Its a very good example of how an author can yield her/his sword of mastery and tear through your shield of boredom.(that really was a nice statement I guess :)).

Feeling sleepy now.
c ya ppl later.


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