October 24, 2005

A glimpse of heaven, and then again..the shadows of darkness

I am still not over the enthralling culfest mood that was hanging all around the campus for the last 3 days and it gives me (and the others here too I am sure) great pain to watch the tents and all being taken out and the campus going back to its meagre greenery and heavy air of acads. But well, that's where I am gonna be for another 1 and a half year or so.

The culfest would have been much better had we not had any assignments due (that too on the last day of the culfest : ).
Now, I had this real neat SLR camera with a 4:1 zoom lens and boy !! did I have fun sniping the targets and injuring them with my 4-pencil_batteries_strong flash :))

Somehow, its nice fun to just sit back with your friends and enjoy the exciting atmosphere that builds up in the campus during these fest days and the best part is, its at its peak at around 12 midnight.
Damn, night-life in hostels is something that non-hostlers know nothing about and its one thing that one must experience for sure. And the night life gets so much better during the culfest days. It feels so "empty" now that its all over :(

Its the last day that really brings you down becoz of two reasons:
(1) The continual exhaustion and lack of proper sleep coz of over-involvement in the excitement of the fest.
(2) The pain of "the end" of the fest and the gloomy thoughts of the days to come.

But somehow, it feels like "back again" when its all over. You get that feeling of "I'm home !!" when its all over and after you have had a good long sleep (I pity the ppl who have their exams this week :).

The fashion show was something good and I managed to miss it last year so I was really hoping to catch on with it this time and boy, the sights that you manage to see sitting right up there in the third row is just something else !! ;)

Its just the crowd all around and the lack of academic air that changes the entire mood and refreshes u up real nicely.
God, they should have more of these fests. Real nice things they are.

And now, well, an assignment that I just submitted yesterday night, an assignment that was announced today, an assignment due this wednesday, another due the day after that, and two new assignments waiting to spring up during the week. Well, I am back :)


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