June 28, 2006

Naa Jaane Kyon

1st hindi poem, so go easy on me ;)

Din ke ujaalon mein kisi ko dhoondna,
Raat ke andheron mein yun hi ghum jaana,
Naa jane kyon, lagta hai jaise teri chahat hi hai.

Har pal, har ghadi, tera hi intezaar karta hoon,
Har disha se teri hi aahat sunta hoon,
Naa jane kyon, lagta hai jaise teri mohabbat hi hai.

Shaamon ka mujh par aisa asar jataana,
In hawaon ka mujhe kuch is tarah satana,
Naa jane kyon, lagta hai jaise ye teri sharat hi hai.

Bas kuch palon ka saath tha,
Na tha phir koi vaasta,
Naa jane kyon, phir bhi ek kashish si hai.

Un palon mein waqt jaise tham sa gaya,
Us ek nazar mein dil mera tap sa gaya,
Naa jane kyon, aaj bhi wahi tapish si hai.

Aaj bhi aankhon mein kuch nami si hai,
Tere bina jaise koi kami si hai.
Naa jane kyon, tere bina, dil mein ek khalish si hai.

(happy ending)
Kise pata tha ki yun phir milenge,
Kisne socha tha ki sang rahenge,
Naa jane kyon, lagta hai ye meri amaanat si hai.

Rakhe hue yun tu mere kandhe par sar,
Beet jaye bas yunhin waqt saara,ab kise hai fikar,
Naa jane kyon, lagta hai ab na koi shikaayat si hai.

Har janam ek duje pe fidaa hon,
Saath jiya hai, ab saath vida hon,
Naa jane kyon, ab yahi ek aakhri ijaazat si hai.

(sad ending)
Kya pata tha mujhe ki milenge hum teri chitah par,
Aag thi wahan aur jal raha tha main yahan par,
Naa jane kyon, aaj tak isse bhasm kar paya nahi hoon.

Mar kar bhi aaj zinda hai tu mujhme,
Yaad karke tujhe har pal maut main marta hoon.
Naa jane kyon, aaj bhi khuda se tere liye dua hi maangta hoon.

Teri chitah pe aaj bhi apni maut ka intezaar karta hoon,
Teri yaadon ke beech main apna shradh karta hoon.
Naa jane kyon, raakh mein aaj bhi main tujhe hi dhoondta hoon.

June 21, 2006

How Was I To Know

The Left is 'HE' and the right is 'SHE'.
You have three ways of reading it. Just the left or just the right or 1 para left and then the para on the right.

The evening is dying down,
The sun is ready to set,
Staring into the twilight,
I reminisce the day we met.
Thinking of you from across the lands,
I know you are lost in my thoughts,
Lost in the days that we had spent,
your mind must be going through lots.
Not a word was spoken between us,
not a touch was shared,
Yet we knew what the other was thinking,
But neither of us dared.
That day when we first met,
just staring through stolen glances,
Even without words being said,
We were already thinking of the chances.
How was I to know,
that you had just moved in next door,
How was I to know,
That now I wouldn't need to dream anymore.

How was I to know,
that I would see you again that day,
How was I to know,
that with you is where my future lay.
Thinking of times like those,
tears flood my eyes,
Not knowing where to look for you,
I stare across the skies.
Those are the memories I walk with,
those are the moments I treasure,
Looking at you gazing towards me,
you have no idea about its measure.
Then came the day we fought,
and nothing ever changed back,
If only I had put in more thought,
I wouldn't have to feel this lack.
But the nightmares still haunt me,
that day that we broke apart,
If only I had been thoughtful,
I wouldn't have to leave with a heavy heart.
How was I to know,
that we wouldn't meet again,
How was I to know,
that nothing would numb this pain.
How was I to know,
that my mind wouldn't be on the drive,
How was I to know,
That that was my last day alive.
I still wait for you to return,
maybe you lost your way,
maybe you are just taking your time,
I know you will be back anyday.
I wish I could return,
I see it in my dreams,
I see you taking me in your arms,
so true it all seems.
Forgive me for all my sins,
Oh please forgive me my dear,
Tell me you are on your way,
tell me you are near.
Forgive me for all that happened,
Oh please forgive me my dear,
How much ever I scream,
I know you cannot hear.
How was I to know,
that I would end up waiting for you forever.
How was I to know,
that you would return to me never.
How was I to know,
that I would never be able to say my goodbye.
How was I to know,
That I would have to wait until you die.