December 23, 2005

..together, yet forever apart..

Before u go on ahead and make any wild guesses from the title of the post, lemme explain.
These were words from the latest novel that I read, "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks.
The author was talking about how night and day, which are separated by a very thin line, and which are always together, but still, are always apart. Meaning, where there is day, there will be night too. Sounds obvious enough. Yet, they can never co-exist. Again, true.
Put the two things together and u get the title of this post. No particular reason, I just couldn't find a nice line for a title :D

Just finished reading my second novel in a row, both by the same author.
The first, A Bend In The Road sounded more drama-packed, and though it was, the twist was kinda revealing and it was how the climax turned out that became more important.
A simple story, with few twists, but very well handled.

The second, The Notebook promised to be a lot more involved and emotional, and it sure was.
It was a short book, 214 pages to be exact, but it was real neat and touching.
A tragic love story, which was very well written. The story, though, again, was nothing out of the ordinary. Easy to make, but tough to garnish. The author knows how to do the latter though :)
A very touching book, and coupled with the overcast atmosphere, it was just right :)

Have been hearing a lot of those sufi-styled songs recently. The remixed ones especially.
The songs I am listening to nowadays include the following :-
Aadat remix from Kalyug
Aapki Kashish remix from Aashiq Banaya Aapne
Right Here Right Now from Bluffmaster

A new wave of music seems to be encroaching the hindi cinema, and somehow, its been great so far. Very pacy songs, yet, they stay. Mostly, fast, pacy songs don't stay and they somehow fail to create that impact.
These new songs though, seem to be able to stay. Good.

Got my scores today and slightly better than I had imagined, though not as good as my previous sems, but its trivially satisfactory. More than that, actually.

Got a week more at hyd bfore i head back to iit.
Had real nice fun so far, outing almost everyday, and freaking my mom out in the process :-P
Hopefully, the rest of the days will be fun too.

But somehow, it was a very feel-good day today.
The atmosphere and the wind, just perfect. Should how roamed today :

Anyways, always feels good when the temperature and the winds are just right. Happens a lot here at hyd. Wish Kanpur could be the same. Sigh.

I am getting real negative on having to go back to kanpur, so i better stop writing. I have to go back u c :


December 09, 2005

Now We Are Free

This was a quote from "Gladiator" which I saw for a 2nd time simply for Russell Crowe and the theme song at the end and the awesome sequences in between.
But yes, I am free now, free from a lot of things, some good , some bad.
Back at home after 6 months is something different, but surely enjoyable :)
Lotsa friends here, and all jobless just like me, so that makes it even better.

Lost the streak of 10s this semester but I was ready for lke 9.2 or 9.6 , damn, not 8.8 !!
Neways, I had enuff things on my side for so long I guess, won't let this bother me.
Another sem down, good !!
Seriously, now I just can't wait to get outta IIT and get back to some real life.

Was hoping to write down a poem or story but I dunno if I can give it enough time.
Got basically no work to do this hols except maybe a couple of odd things.
Hoping to get a digicam this hols if i can butter up my folks ;)

U know what, I made a list of the english movies I have seen and it crossed like the 250 mark with ease, but the thing is, most of these are movies I have seen in the last 1.5 years only !!
365 * 1.5 = 550 odd days, and 250 movies. Good eh (and u must b guessing how i ended up with 4 10's.hehe, i guess that too now :-P).

So, now that I am officially off the "tenner" title, I can ease off the pressure, but I just gotta work for one more sem bfore apping to univs, so I still have to work for one last sem bfore officially relaxing off.

neways, we will bother about that later on.

Ok, coming to the point. Couldn't blog a lot this sem, but hope to do so next sem, tho its gonna be atleast as hot. Hopefully, I won't ;)

Just finished the novel "Love" by Toni Morrison and tho its not what u might expect rom the title, its a masterpiece. The authot is a noble-prize winner in Literature and u can guess that by the complexity and the way the book travels. Enthralling !!
I will have the review out soon on the website but I will still talk a bit about the book here.
I read around 20 pages, got nothing into my head. Re-read the 20 pages and went ahead till 60.
Stupid acads came up, had to stop. So, when I finally started after the sem, I had to read everything again. And I finally understood it this time (I hope so atleast ;)).
The book is about the relationships of a man who has been dead for 25 odd years as the book starts and how those relations interact among themselves. Its a very dynamic book which changes ur views rapidly by showing more of the things as time goes on. Its like, u know a bit abt the ppl and u have some picture of them. Then, within just one incident, ur views change, and they do so very steadily, and u can feel that transit of the picture that u had.
Its pure magic done by the author. the book in itself is so comples that if it ver put up in some english course, damn I would de-register while I could ;)
Story is alright, its the way things are manipulated and shown to u by the author that makes it so wonderful.
Its a very good example of how an author can yield her/his sword of mastery and tear through your shield of boredom.(that really was a nice statement I guess :)).

Feeling sleepy now.
c ya ppl later.